Level 2 Subscription Fees (for Private Investors)

SubscriptionTypePrice (JPY)Price/mth (JPY)
1 Month2,6002,600
3 Months7,0002,333
6 Months12,0002,000
12 Months21,6001800

Companies wishing to become members should contact us.

Payment Method
Payment MethodDetail
Paypal Payment using PayPal with immediate confirmation and registration
Bank Transfer Payment into Japanese Bank Account with payment confirmed within 24hrs

Returns Policy
Only applicable to Level 2 members.
Once your subscription has been made there is a one week cooling off period in which we can give you a refund upon your request. A refund will be payable less the charges incurred by us accepting or returning you the funds, if any. This varies depending on payment method but typically up to 420JPY if by domestic bank transfer and 3.5% + 40JPY by paypal.
If you are living outside Japan, we suggest using PayPal and please understand that we will only return you the funds using Paypal and will not return the fee by bank transfer. There may also be a currency exchange rate transaction loss.

Terms and Conditions
SleepWell Homes (hereinafter referred to as "We") presents the data contained on this website as accuretely as possible. We will in no way be responsible for losses made by a user's interpretion or application of any information presented on this website.
The information on this site must not be copied, shared or used otherwise than for its purpose as outlined above without prior authorisation from SleepWell.
The user is a private individual using the information for his/ her private investment purposes. If users wish to join for company purposes please
contact us.
The user understands that he/ she cannot become a member of this website without accepting these terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in immediate cancellation of membership.