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1. Advantages of Level 2 Data:

Outline: Level 2 is for those who are serious about using foreclosures as their means of acquiring property in Tokyo. In essence it is a imperative database of past auctioned property facts and figures from which to base your bidding levels going forward.

14,501 archived data points and counting.

Using Level 2 you will be able to:

a) See past auction results of any particular asset class you may be targeting. Every detail of any property is available, enabling you to more clearly understand why a property sold for what it did, and more importantly, help you decide a competitive bid level for your target asset.

b) Using over 15 different search parameters , now including address, you can drilldown to analyse only the past assets which meet the strictest of your criteria.

c) while viewing past/ present properties, Level 2 will also generate a list of comparable properties sold on the conventional RE market providing insight into current property market levels. Such properties are selected on the basis of location, size, age, distance from station, etc. and provide you a valuable "upper limit" to your next bid level. NB: this function is currently restricted to the "freehold apartment" class.)

d) View historical data in a variety of ways: Customised is the most commonly used search method for detail. The "Breakdown", "TimeSeries" searches will easily show you trends. The use of each is explained in the demo here.

e) Augmenting these already powerful tools is the ability to download past property pdfs specifications for the last 10 auction dates. (restrictions of 15 pdfs per mth apply.)

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There are 2 sections for looking at the data:

2. View Data Section:
Conditions: Use is free however you must be a member and must be logged in to use it. Click here to read about membership.
What you will gain:
This section will give you an overall "feel" for the market's sentiment or appetite of each property type and by how much it is changing over the past few auctions. The results presented in this section are summaries of the data that can be analysed to infinite detail in the Analysis section.

Data presented includes the Minimum, Maximum and Averages of:
of each property type for the most recent auction results.

Checking Bid Results In the View Section you can also search the result for a particular property you have bid on or you were interested in by entering its Case File Number. Go to the View Main Menu and click on the "Auction Results" Button.

Interesting Data There is also a Interesting Data Section which presents figures on the quantity of foreclosures per day in your city, oldest building, most expensive property, etc. Go to the View Main Menu and click on the "Interesting Data" Button.

3. Analysis Data Section:
Conditions: You must be a LEVEL 2 subscriber to use the Analysis Section. The fees are as follows:

SleepWell Data: Subscription Plan Fees
No. of Months Monthly Fee (JPY)
1 2,600
3 7,000
6 12,000
12 21,600

The Analysis Section allows you to customise your analysis of the particular properties that you are interested in.
This is done using a search form whereby you can select any multiple of 15 filtering criteria including: The original 3 Part Specification issued by the district's courthouse is also available for download for up to 10 auctions ago. Inside there are of course the photos, layouts, property situation reports, and so on for increased understanding of the situation in which the property is being sold.

Using the Time Series and Breakdown Analysis sections in particular will enable you to recognise trends, popular properties, and what other buyers are willing to pay for them.

Ultimately the Analysis section enables you to thoroghly understand the performance of your target properties at auction thereby empowering you with knowledge to bid to win. See Demo