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Obtaining a loan in Japan for foreigners can be tough. Getting a loan to buy a foreclosure if you're a foreigner or even Japanese can be downright impossible. That is, until NOW! Financing for foreclosures can be made available. The interest rate is more or less at a business loan rate but still available for up to 35 years depending on the applicant's current age. Working with one bank in Tokyo, arrangements can be made for a 2 stage application process where the first step is the pre-approval "personal" application. Upon success and when a suitable foreclosed property has been identified, submission of a "property package" for final approval and loan valuation can be made.

If you are interested in learning which bank in Tokyo provides finance for foreclosures, SleepWell has a proposal for you:

Proposal 1: Become a Level 2 member for 6 months and we will tell you the name of the bank and our contact.

Proposal 2: Become a Level 2 member for 12 months and we will personally introduce you to our bank's contact.

Please understand that knowledge of the loan does not automatically constitute qualifying for it. Qualification is a matter between the applicant and the financial institution. SleepWell cannot be responsible for this.
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Testimonial: Here's what an owner of 7 apartments in Tokyo 23Ku, said about being a Level 2 member:

I have been using the analyse function as a proud level 2 member and I must say it certainly gives interesting new perspectives and complements well with my own database. I can imagine that with your database growing over time the power of the system will grow even further so compliments from a happy user !


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