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ABOUT/ DOCS: Bring Your Own Conveyancer

Why not bring your very own trusted conveyancer to your next big deal?

Of course, unnecessary if buying a foreclosure, conveyancy is just another one of those necessary, added expenses that you'll need to fork out when buying conventional real estate.

Back home we normally seek out a trusted solicitor to handle the transfer of title for us. However in Japan, as many of us have experienced, the conveyancer is elected by the RE Agent. During the final payment proceedings he is the one that sits quietly at the table! You may or may not, speak at all to eachother & most likely will never meet again.

But did you know you can choose your own conveyancer in Japan too? One whom you can use time & time again as you build your real estate portfolio in Japan. One that you get to know & better still he will know you, your likes, dislikes and can give advice when YOU need it.

SleepWell's affiliate conveyancer is fast, friendly and precise. Next time you're purchasing conventional property, why not have your very own trusted conveyancer by your side?!

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