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1. INVESTOR LOANS (1.65%/annum fixed for 10 years!)

SleepWell Homes is delighted to announce that it has uncovered the loan that foreign real estate investors in Japan have been waiting for! Super low, "Japanese" interest rates, with negotiable LTVs, and the flexibility to purchase a foreclosure or conventional listing.

Read the basic guidelines and let us help you build your dream real estate portfolio. Which Bank?

The Loan:

The Investor:

Property Type:

For your convenience and peace of mind, the financial institution has over 140 branches throughout Japan.

How much will you save?

Property Investor Loan Savings Table ( Savings: JPY/mth* )
Loan Value (MJPY)
Standard Loan Rate10M20M30M40M50M
* Using 10 year indicative fixed rate of 1.65%

example: If the cheapest loan you have found to date is 3.5% and you need to borrow 30MJPY, your saving using this new loan would be a massive 46,250JPY/mth (555,000 JPY/ year).

Which Institution offers such great deals?:

This information is for sale. Select either one of the proposals that suits your needs the best:

Proposal 1: Find out the name & contact details of branch near you. (20,000JPY) Buy Now

Proposal 2: Have SleepWell personally accompany you to apply for this loan. (40,000JPY) Buy Now

Conditions of Sale:
** Investor refers to those purchasing Real Estate for Investment purposes. Sorry Owner Occupiers but ask us about a foreclosure loan for you here.