SleepWell Data: Japanese Property Foreclosure Data Resource
Demonstrations: Analysing with SleepWell Data

Demonstration 1:   Analysing with SleepWell Data with a property in mind.
Demonstration 2:   Using SleepWell Data to guide your choice of target property.

Definition: Percentage of Appraisal Value (% of Appraisal)
Defines the percentage by which a property's Selling Price differs from its Appraisal figure.
It is calculated as follows: The Selling Price divided by the property's Appraisal value expressed as a percentage.
Example: If the Appraisal Value of a property is 10Million Yen and it sold at auction for 15Million, its Percentage of Appraisal =15/10 x 100 = 150%.
You can read more about this or other terminlogy in the Glossary section of this website under the About/Docs tab.

Demonstration 1:   Analysing with SleepWell Data with a property in mind.
1. Confirm you are logged in. "LEVEL 2" will be shown in the top left hand corner of your screen.
Note: you must be a Level 2 member to use the Analysis Section of this Website.
Click here to learn more about becoming a LEVEL 2 member.

2. Scenario: Let's say your looking for properties with the following criteria:

First let's see how many properties there are and how they perform at auction in general.
Click on the "Analysis" tab and from the Analysis Main Menu select "TimeLine Series".

3.TimeLine Series Form
In the TimeLine Series Form select your critera and let's choose a TimeFrame of Last 4 Auctions.
Next click Search Button.

4.TimeLine Series Results
From the results (refer below) we see that there are on average 4.0 properties every auction fitting our criteria.
More importantly we know that there are an average of 10.6 bids on each property and that we should expect to pay 148.6% of the Appraisal Value to win the bid.
(We can also see how demand for properties have varied over the time. For example, below, Result day 9th of Feburary 2012(2012-02-09) had an average %of Apraisal of 121.7% compared to the average for the entire 4 auction period of 148.8%.)

5. Customised Search Form
Let's look at these properties in more detail. Click on the Analyse tab then click the Customise Analysis button.

Notice that most your search criteria are already set, we just select Last 4 Result Dates in the Result Date field.

6. Customised Search Results
After confirming your criteria click the Search Button.
A list of all the properties sold at auction during the last 4 auctions is displayed.
In this case there are 16 properties to display.
A few customisable settings are available: